The Ballistic Adventurer

BRYD are proud to present this 12.5m Rib developed for Ballistic Ribs, The largest boat in their range the “Adventurer” provides the perfect platform for action packed excursions,  equipped to the teeth for most intrepid of explorers or family weekends away.

Equipped with two tented cabins, a full galley with refrigeration, gas hob and stowage, as well as an internal heads. The boat is capable of period excursion to the most remote and exciting of locations. It’s multi-functional versatile design vastly differentiates it from its competition setting it a class apart.

Vital Statistics:

  • LOA: 12.5m
  • BOA: 3.1m
  • Tube Diameter: 51cm
  • Max Power: 425hp x2
  • Weight: 2700kg
  • Max Persons: 12
  • Fuel Capacity: 700L

The Ballistic Adventurer Exterior

The rugged exterior design of The Ballistic Adventurer has been largely driven by an ethos of functionality robustness drawing inspiration from the classic landrover and toyota off road’ers and their legendary traits for strength and endurance.

The profile and feel of the Adventure has been developed to echo the current ballistic, with visible modernisation in styling throughout. Flow of moment arount the boat has been a major factor in design from the spacious dive platform aft to the anchor access locker, a huge amount of thought has been applied.

The Ballistic Adventurer Deck

The layout of the Ballistic Adventurer’s has been developed maximising functionality, maximising space with innovative features

From our brief, one of our largest tasks at hand was to enable 2 tented double cabins, the integration of a WC within the Console as well as large seating social areas, and galley all within the limits of the 12m design.

Whist including all these elements we have also enables a ergonomic helm and seating area with 5 x Scots suspension seats in situ.

Ballistic Adventurer Console/WC

Designing a console which could fit all the required instrumentation and equipment along with a fully functioning WC was no small task but results speak for themselves achieving a extremely ergonomic and functional console dash and deceptively spacious wc interior, housed within a striking and progressively styled console housing.

Within the console WC we have enable an electric flush toilet with grey and black water holding tanks, shower and wash basin.and stowage.

Ballistic Adventurer Galley

Considering the ethos of the Adventurer integration of a functional galley was of the upmost importance, the brief for this are was to develop a unit with simpicity and easy use at the heart of the design, within the development we have enable provisions for cool box styled refrigeration and easily mounted camping gas stoves as well as sink with running water and grey water provision all house within a compact housing echoing the progressive styling of the console and other features.

Ballistic Adventurer Tented Cabins

Integral to the design of the Ballistic Adventurer is the innovative 2 x double tented accommodation areas housed for and aft below the seating areas, enabling the possiblity of adventurous excursion and long weekend trips.

Electrically actuated the tents are erected with ease from the console, once unzip the comfortable interior is exposed with vast amounts of stowage under the aft comparment.

The Ballistic Adventurer General Arrangement

The Ballistic Adventurer Systems Design

The systems design is again a good example of our meticulous approach, effectively maximising utilisable space withing the boats structure for systems integration. The Ballistic Adventurer systems include:

  • 58L Black Water Tank System
  • 58L Grey Water Tank System
  • 100L Fresh Water tank System
  • 700L Dual Fuel Tank System

The dual fuel tank system is efficiently placed beneath the helm steering position, with the fresh water system towards the aft and the black and grey water systems forward of the WC. The target was to maximise the tank sizes and create efficient systems design with easy access around the boat.







The Ballistic Adventurer Structural Design

The structural development of the craft has been a key area of development for the design, developing an extremely robust layout conforming to ISO cat B for coastal waters.

We have done this whilst enabling a spaciously efficient design, enabling the incorporation of large fuel and water tanks within.