Superyacht Side Gangway Design

BRYD have worked along side Onpoint Yacht Systems to create a boarding ladder solution tailored to suit a 60m Superyacht built by a premium German boat builder. Housed within a bulwark cutaway the ladders invisibly integrate in to the ship side providing a neat compact solution for this system.

The ladders can be supplied with pivoting hand rails or single stanchion options, as well as options for an additional bottom platform swim ladder. They are produced from lightweight Aluminium Alloys providing a lighter solution to the standard off the shelf options. Integrated into the bottom platform is a hydraulic fendering system, enabling support for tender boarding.

Side Gangway Renders

Key Features:

    • 5083/6082 Construction
    • 6x custom stainless steel rams
    • Stainless steel stanchions
    • Inset Passerelle strip lighting
    • 60 degree PRT or STB slew
    • 15 degree upward luff
    • Folding and lock mechanism
    • Telescopic end platform
    • Hydraulic travel mechanism