BRYD Fast 40+

With the explosion of the Fast 40+ Class in the UK, we introduce the BRYD Fast 40+ to bring the next step in this ultra-competitive and fast evolving fleet. Developed and optimised in our Hamble offices, the design will support high end carbon fibre prepreg / nomex construction and incorporate the most cutting edge systems available.

With our rigorous approach to performance analysis, we have the tools to deliver the customisation needed to complement the attributes of individual teams.

Fast 40+ Render.54

Fast 40+ Render.52

With experience in the design of successful boats currently competing in this bracket, BRYD is perfectly positioned to deliver the next generation in this performance racing class. Optimised close to the top of the rating band of 1.270 we have left no stone unturned in extracting potential performance and are hugely confident that she will bring home the silverware.


For an in depth specification and options please contact the design office: