Superyacht Design, Another Perspective

Superyacht PasserelleFrom the glitz and the glamour and the exuberantly stylish lines, the world of Superyacht design can be seen as essentially selling lifestyles synonymous with the style and romance of by gone Hollywood age. Behind the façade of the glamourous party areas and lavish interiors lays an a highly complex engineered backbone enabling the magical illusion of perfection with seemingly seamless deployment party balconies, out reaching beach club waterside platforms and extending boarding apparatus.

Yacht Tec

Yacht Tec, based in Hamble, Southampton has specialised in enabling these technological feats since 1998. Joining forces with Yacht Tec over the past year has been an exceptionally rewarding process, combing our design and engineering skills and Yacht Tec’s wealth of experience in design and high quality craftsmanship.

Folding Telescopic Superyacht Passerelle

Currently under production on the shop floor are 4 gangways and passerelle for superyacht yards and retrofit projects in Germany, Barcelona and the Netherlands. One such project with particularly interesting features is the passerelle for a 70meter design.

This folding telescopic passerelle boasts a 4.2 meter stowage length, extending to 7. 2 meters from the end of the stowage box.

On the surface is everything you might expect of a component supplied to some of the world’s best superyachts, adorning high end paint finishes and hand crafted teak walk ways with gleaming stainless steel high quality handrails, but supporting this is another dimension of engineering and craftsmanship that is unrivalled ensuring fluid operation.


Of aluminium construction, the passerelle features a high strength to weight ratio and low deflection, in highly loaded areas polished 316 stainless steel componentry is incorporated with Delrin plastic isolation where required in these harsh marine environments.

The functionality includes 7 meter reach, 60 degree slew to starboard and 20 to port, the passerelle luffs vertically between -30 and +20 degrees and supports a float function when deployed onto the dock.

The passerelle includes 6 in-house designed and built single and two stage mirror polished stainless steel rams. The single stage includes one for the telescopic extension and three of varying bores driving the fold mechanism. For the luff and slew functions 2 stage actuators are used achieving pin point accuracy in positioning. Enabling the travel of the carriage is Yacht Tec’s innovative travel mechanism including a geared hydraulic motor and break, driving a tensioned tooth belt.

Yacht Tec Folding Telescopic Passerelle

Behind the hydraulic systems is Yacht Tec’s custom designed PLC computer and electronic systems, with programmed motion, and features customised to each passerelles requirements.

This project will be leaving the yard in early 2017 making way for new and exciting projects on the horizon. If you would like more information on Yacht Tec’s services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the office.