August 2016 Fast 40’s & Passerelles

Three months on from the start of our new venture and one month since the release of the new website we have barely had time to come up for air, with current projects for Yacht Tec and numerous possibility’s on the horizon it’s definitely a very exciting period for us at BRYD. We have had a lot of positive comments on the website which have been greatly received.


With 18 years under their belt Yacht Tec are specialists in providing high end aluminium mechanical gangways and Passerelles to some of the most prestigious superyacht yards in the world, becoming familiar with their innovative methods and bringing our approach to design to the table has proven to be a fruitful process. Currently we are working on Passerelles and Gangways for three superyachts in production and refit, and also looking to the future development of new products utilising the latest composite materials with a view to opening the doors to the high end, lighter weight sailing yachts in production around the world.


On the yacht design front, it has also been an exciting period with our proposal for the 40+ class which has seen an explosion on the Solent this year with over 10 boats regularly making the start line. We have a lot of confidence in the direction that we have taken and are currently making some large in roads into getting the BRYD 40 onto the water for 2018.

Fast 40+,,


Another exciting class that has recently burst onto the scene in the UK is the HP30 class, aimed at a lower displacement length ratio in the 30-foot region, with a similar approach to the 40+, this high performance class has the potential to explode over the next few years. With the format enabling current sports boats designs to race against new developments, at 30-foot in length this class brings a more affordable prospect to many racers. From the results this year, a new boat optimised to the current class boundaries is yet to be seen and is a very exciting prospect for development.


Currently on the drawing board is our proposal for a 44-foot fast cruiser. With this concept we hope to combined high performance, short-handed offshore sailing with the comfort and style befitting of a modern cruiser. In the following weeks we hope to release the first glimpses of what we think will be a game changer in terms of comfortable performance sailing.

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