Ben Rogerson Yacht Design Services

Concept Design & Exterior/Interior Styling

At the heart of our design process is our ability to communicate and effectively transfer our client’s vision into reality. We elevate from simple sketches and mood boards, advancing through design techniques to ensure our styling direction is built on the strongest of foundations. Some of these design techniques we use are with Adobe Suite, Keyshot Rendering and simply Pen and Paper.

Design morals embedded into our design philosophy:

  • Innovation
  • Progression
  • Continuity
  • Functionality
  • Communication

Parametric Modelling & Drafting Capabilities

At BRYD we have invested heavily in our trade tools, using a high end Parametric Modelling PLM software, Siemens NX. Utilised within F1, Aerospace and the Americas Cup, with it’s advanced surfacing capability’s NX allows us to approach the design in a highly adaptable and efficient manner delivering extremely accurate design from concept to mechanical and structural layouts.

NX also provides us with a powerful drafting platform enabling us to directly translate model revisions highly efficiently. In line with the current industry, BRYD also uses AutoCAD for a proportion of our manual and composite drafting work.

Autodesk AutoCAD and Siemens NX

VPP & Performance Analysis

Developed by our partner FormFlow LTD, our in house 6 degrees of freedom VPP code within C# and Matlab provides us with a highly adaptable framework to approach a multitude of complex performance analysis scenarios.

Utilising RANS computation fluid dynamics with cloud computation, we can assess hundreds of design options simultaneously. With analysis combined with the utilisation of neural networks, we are able to optimise hyper dimensionally, honing in on the optimum design for your service requirements.

  • In-house developed VPP FormFlow
  • Numeca Fine Marine RANS CFD, Cloud Computation
  • Resistance & Seakeeping
  • Optimisation utilising Neural Networks

FormFlow Performance Optimisation Systems and Utilised CFD Software

Systems Design

Within our comprehensive service we offer a detailed approach to System Design. Modelling full layouts enables us to accurately assess and validate the feasibility with regards to practical installation.

By developing the systems in 3D, we are able to radically reduce an overhead of rework from the systems installation. We can provide 3D Design and 2D Schematics for:

  • Black Water System
  • Grey Water System
  • Fresh Water System
  • Fuel Tank System

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design forms a large element of BRYD’s expertise including the design and engineering of 7 complex Passerelle for several of the major European Superyacht yards and refit facilities. With space within the modern superyacht at a premium, BRYD have been contracted to find innovative solutions to enable the maximisation of outreach whilst providing a minimal stowage envelope. Some examples are as below:

  • Complex mechanical solutions
  • Lightweight aluminium structure
  • Composite carbon fibre
  • Custom hydraulic actuator design
  • Systems control
  • Reverse engineering of ship structures

For further information on our passerelle designs please take a look at our projects page:       Designs